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Job Screens

Performance Rehabiliation Services offers a variety of job specific pre-placement and wellness  screenings based on company's individual needs

New Hire Testing

One of the most effective injury prevention practices your company can offer is employee testing to ensure that the employee can meet the rigorous physical demands of the job. 

What is Job Specific Post Hire Testing?

- Ensures employees can meet the demands of the job
- Identifies pre-existing injuries or impairments
- Records base-line measurements for physical condition
- Educates employee of proper body mechanics
- ADA and EEOC compliant

What is Wellness Testing?

- Evaluates a worker's capacity to meet the job demands
- Records abilities, as well as limitations
- Identifies medical concerns before they become medical emergencies
- Educates the worker on weaknesses in meeting the requirements of the job.
- Encompasses strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular assessment

Why Perform Employee Testing?

- Limits exposure to escalating litigations
- Identifies pre-existing injuries and limitations
- Court room tested to reduce compensation costs
- Cost effective: we help you hire the right person
- Compliant with ADA and EEOC

Performance Physical Therapy offers a variety of job specific pre-placement and wellness screenings based on the company's individual needs. Testing can be performed locally, state-wide, and even nationally through our network of affiliated clinics. We offer the WorkSaver (SM) Employee Testing System, developed by Richard Bunch, Phd, PT, which is used extensively throughout the state.

Presentations on our testing process and it's cost benefits are available to you. Call us to arrange your on-site presentation.

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