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Functional Capacity Evaluation

The Performance FCE

Performance FCE is a complete evaluation of an individual's capacity to perform functional activity safely, using objective medical tests, job specific tasks, and specialized computer equipment. Our goal is to return the patient back to work safely!

What is included in a Performance FCE?

- Intake interview: patient's history, goals, and motivation
- Objective physical evaluations using AMA guidelines
- Maximum physical demand level
- Computerized testing for validity and cross referencing
- Analysis of symptom and disability magnification

When Should an FCE be Performed? 

- Treatment is going on too long
- Compliance or effort of the patient is questionable
- The case is not moving forward
- Return to work evaluation

Are all FCE's the Same? No, Our Therapists are...

- Certified in performing FCE's
- Specialized in muscular-skeletal and orthopedic type injuries
- Qualified to specifically design the FCE to meet your job description
- trained in ergonomics
- Experts in the court room and deposition

Remember, the hardest part in trying to close the case is to place the patient back into the work force. Having an effective FCE report, vocational specialist (upon request), and an experienced therapist to assist with return to work issues may be the only resource you have. Choose wisely!

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